Friday, February 13, 2015

Do you really believe...?

That these prophecies concerning Judgement on America only applied to ancient Israel and Judah? Do you think that they only apply to the end-times and Israel? Do you think it's all just one big joke and laugh it all off ?

Think about this then: under the current administration the U.S. has all but turned it's back on it's only ally in the Middle East, that is Israel. The standing president of the U.S. is a muslim and has all but outlawed Christianity, claiming in his first campaign that the U.S. is no longer a Christian nation, and he has worked hard these last 6 years to prove it to the world and bring it to pass. Congress and the Judiciary, Federal, State and local is loaded with sodomites and/or their supporters. The Judiciary, under the U.S. Constitution are only permitted to rule on standing laws, however, now they interpret and enforce laws as they see fit, according to their particular political persusasions. Radical, militant homosexuals, atheists and muslims now run the public education systems, in fact the entire government is rife with them, and there are neighborhoods in the U.S. where non-muslims of any race dare not venture. 

The U.S. government has pushed Russia to the brink of desperation, and the Chinese, who are North Korea's best friends and ally, own the majority of U.S. debt. The Russians are allied with both. The standing president supports his muslim brethern in the middle east, i.e. Libya, Egypt, Syria and Iran. The muslims in Egypt (muslim brotherhood) and Libya have turned on him (Benghazi) Syria has given us ISIS, to which the president's response is to condemn the Christian Crusades at the National Day of Prayer breakfast in Washington D.C. His weak foreign policy has given the world a nuclear armed Iran and if anyone believes they will stop with the destruction of Israel, they are foolish indeed. Russia is loosely allied with both Iran and Syria and there's no telling where that will lead, but it does not bode well for the U.S. under the current, godless administration.

God has been "banned" from public schools since 1963, in 1973 abortion became legal and now, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, fundamental Christians are considered a hate group.

And then there is the small matter of 50 million murdered babies since the legalization of abortion under Roe vs. Wade. Child sacrifice to the false and demonic gods of "feminisim" and "freedom of choice" is no less abominable in the eyes of God than burning children alive in sacrifice to the demon-god Molech in ancient Canaan, Israel and Judah.

It may already be too late for America, however, Apostolic (1st century) Christianity isn't totally dead nor is Jesus Christ completely forgotten. Where Jesus is, there hope also is.

However, unless there is true, full, sincere repentance, from a national level, even the highest levels of government, to an individual level, then hope is all but lost. There is no salvation without true repentance. For you must understand that a Just and Holy God must judge an unholy, unjust, sinful nation (and/or individual), such as the U.S., for repeating the same sins as those committed by ancient Sodom, Gomorrah, Canaan, Israel and Judah, whom He destroyed or exiled, or He must apologize to them if He does not.

The last time I checked His Word, I could not find a single instance wherein He apologized to anyone for His righteous wrath and indignation for serious, repeated, blasphemies and affronts to His Holiness.

Be warned, America and Americans.

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